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      The R&D center was established in 1997. Now the center is with 30 technicians including 6 senior, 10 middle and 14 primary technicians. It is equipped with gas chromatography, liquid chromatography ,infrared spectrum and other inspection instruments .as well as 3 mini-test labs and 2 middle - test workshops. Shanghai sub-center is with 2 labs and some senior engineers.The Center has established good cooperative relationships with Yancheng Industry Institute, Nanjin Chemical University, Qinghua University and Noromo (Czech) Corp.. leading science and technology , paying attention to interestúČinnovating constantly, new achievement has reached every year.

      The Center is capable to research and develop the new products and to produce according to clients' requirements, we are good at researching and developing the following products:
      Hydroquinone, P-benzoquinone;
      Ethenone, diketone;
      High temperature gas phase reaction chloride products;
      Iron powder reduction reaction;
      MnO2 oxidant products;
      Closed loop reaction products;
      Bromide products;
      High temperature cracking reaction products;

      "Technology is root, innovation is resource and service is guide" we sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to invest or cooperate and develop together.

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