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      With independent corporate capacity and I/E license, Yancheng Fengyang Chemical Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and trader of Hydroquinone series & Fine chemical series

      Fengyang lies in northern Jiangsu plain, with the Yellow Sea to the east. We enjoy good location for it is near to TongShan expressway, Jingguang expressway, No.204 National highway and Xinchang railway to the west; moreover, we are only 50km away from Yancheng Airport. With more than USD 13 million of fixed assets and annual sales of USD 20 million (40% or above are come from export business), Fengyang now covers an area of 150,000 m2 and has over 800 staffs, 250 (30% of our staffs) of them are technicians.

      We now mainly produce "Danfeng" series of products, including hydroquinone, para-benzoquinone, manganese carbonate, o-chlorohydroquinone, p-hydroxylanisole, 2, 4-dichlorophenol, N, N-dimethylaniline, Chlorinated polypropylene, 2, 6-dibromo-p-nitroaniline, and so on.

      Fengyang has experienced technicians, complete inspection system and strict QA system. We got the certificate of ISO9002 quality system in 1999. Now, our products enjoy good markets in Europe, America, Africa, Japan, and India, Southeast Asian and other countries and regions. Among which hydroquinone was titled as the "high-class Product” of Jiangsu, and manganese carbonate was awarded the golden medal at the international Fair of China's New Technology and Famous High-class product exhibition, and so on.

      Fengyang attaches importance to the investment of environment protection. More than USD1.2 millions of funds has been invested to improve environment. All the wastes are laid off after reaching standard. We are developing to be a modern garden-style company.

      "Permanent responsible for our brand; Forever satisfying our customers" is the consciousness of our staffs. We will always provide first-rate service and quality of our products for all our customers. We sincerely welcome all of guests from home and abroad to our factory!

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